Sean is a freelance film photographer in his 26th year. 

Revealing everyday life in all its poetic rapture, he considers himself a documentary-style photographer.   

Real and gritty, his work cuts deep into the lesser known cultures he surrounds himself in.

“My photos allow me to illustrate people in pure form, no special effects no make up, just real emotions, somebody really going through it”

 With audaciously bold portraiture alongside vacant, indistinct, landscapes his work is a color wheel of imagery.



Believe in film.

Sean stays true to the analogue ways in which he started. Carrying mainly his 35mm Nikon, he shoots, processes and prints all in a homemade darkroom.

"Analogue Photography is very near and dear to my heart. Film allows me to go beyond the surface of an image. It reveals something about the subject, scars of a life lived fully."